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We would like to dive into the virtual world of Einfach Genial with you...
Especially in times like these, a real career orientation is not possible, which is why the virtual space is all the more important. The Mars Mission, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to advance your career orientation - so away from binge-watching our favorite series, playing Animal Crossing or watching videos on TikTok for hours, it's time to do something for your future.


But before we start, please download the following software to your PC...

Download currently only available for Windows!


Your results will be discussed together with your teacher at the end of each level!

The aim of this course is for you to approach your desired career creatively, try out different work steps and recognize that there are the same elements in every profession.

Now we dive into the virtual world with you. The junior team of Einfach Genial has virtually recreated typical work steps from different companies and made them playable for you :)

You have now learned a lot about professional fields and have dealt creatively with work. Today, company representatives will be connected via video conference. They would like to see what you and your classmates have worked out for the various companies. We are now preparing for this.

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