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In order to be able to guarantee young people's career orientation even in times of a global pandemic, we launched the virtual Mars Mission in 2020. Internships, of which there were far too few before, could not be completed, but realistic practical experience is essential for career orientation. It is all the more important that alternatives are offered and used in virtual space.

The idea of the project is that young people can experience the world of work in the gaming world of the "Mars Mission". In simulations, the students explore professional fields and try out individual work processes. Information on the professional fields and companies as well as contact addresses, contact persons and information on the application process should also be available in the "Mars Settlement" in the future. The playful approach, the so-called gamification, increases the motivation of the students to deal more intensively with the topic of career orientation.

Thanks to our supporters and sponsors, we can make this extraordinary method of career orientation possible for young people, pupils. If you If you would like to support us, we would be very happy to receive your monetary donation.


Alternatively, you and Your company, with your time and commitment, can also become part of the Mars Mission. We are always happy to welcome new project partners. Just contact us.

As a recognized non-profit organization, Einfach Genial is eligible

to issue donation receipts.

After receipt of the donation, we will send you a corresponding donation receipt on request.

Donation account:

Hannover Volksbank
Recipient: Einfach Genial gGmbH
IBAN: DE14 2519 0001 0646 4475 00

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