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Hello dear entrepreneurs and a warm welcome to the Mars Mission of Einfach Genial gGmbH. Thank you for your interest in us and our projects. As a non-profit organization, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting young people in their career orientation phase. Covid-19 is forcing us to bring our original workshop content into a digital form, or to put it in our words: onto a virtual careers platform - the Mars Mission.
Since (almost) all orientation options, such as internships for students, are currently no longer available, we founded the Mars Mission. We bring companies, businesses and organizations to Mars in order to give the students the widest possible impression of the working world of tomorrow - we need your support for this.
Become a part of the Mars Mission and give students or future interns and trainees a virtual, realistic insight into your company.


You get an exclusive spot on Mars. By the way, your neighbors currently include: 

Böhm Güterverkehr GmbH,
DB Schenker,
wet magnet,
Viscom AG,
favorite bar,
Sparkasse Hannover

We hope for an exciting mutual exchange.

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